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We love what we do & we’re great at it

For us, trust and respect are the key elements of a successful project; we are a meticulous team that offers exceptional service both in the design stage and during the completion of the work.

Turn-key services

  • Interior design, residential/commercial
  • Space planning and configuration
  • Turn key service
  • Collaborate with client to meet budget and scheduled deliveries
  • Reaserch and selection of materials
  • Detailed quotations for each project
  • Detailed technical plans (cabinetry, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, elevations)
  • 3D perspective, photorealistic rendering on demand
  • Project Management: Control materials directly from suppliers, schedule deliveries, schedule timeframes for renovations
  • Custom window treatments
  • Custom furniture and supervision during production
  • Complete renovation service: our team is licensed, experienced and manages one project at a time.
  • Supervision and construction management

Decorate your space

Service details

  • The service entails a visit in our office for 2 hours with a designer.
  • opinion on such things as paint colors, reconfiguration of current or new furniture
  • (shopped online and in La Maison Thomas) general proposition.
  • Client needs to provide inspirational photos or samples of what they are interested in helps the designer optimize
  • 2-hour consultation for 1-2 rooms (for bigger projects, client must inquire by email)

What you will receive?

  • PowerPoint with choices selected online and in-house.
  • La Maison Thomas offers décor items that can enrich your living space!
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The services offered are adapted according to your needs, from the creation of custom-made cabinetry to the production of complete technical drawings.

La Maison Thomas will offer kitchen accessories and decoration items that will enhance your living space!